The rapidly growing Demirbilek Group continues to grow rapidly with its world-class service quality.
The rapidly growing Demirbilek Group continues to grow rapidly with its world-class service quality. Demirbilek Group, which has carried out successful works since its establishment, adds a difference to the business world with its innovative and developable perspective. It is moving rapidly towards becoming a global player.
Demirbilek Group, which plans to achieve a sustainable corporate growth and gain an important position in the sector, is rapidly advancing on this path and focuses on research and development. Considering its responsibility in social matters as an important part of its business responsibility, our company continues to make efforts to add value to life in this area as well.
Demirbilek as a Group, we live in society and our environment through our commitment to fulfill the requirements in the best way, we will continue to contribute to Turkey's development through investments and projects we carry out.
We thank all of our employees and business partners.


EngineeringOca 9, 2019

Until now, Turkey's all kinds of projects to complete as many of the city Demirbilek completed proving the quality of this subject Group carries out the commitment of all projects within the scope of their authority works by the project department.

Infrastructure ActivitiesAra 10, 2018

Highway, Double Road Construction

Superstructure ActivitiesAra 16, 2018

Demirbilek Group continues its construction works with a meticulous work within the scope of superstructure activities.

Project DrawingAra 22, 2018

Although the Demirbilek Group project is considered to be one of the requirements for construction permits and construction permits, it means that the house you will build will be exactly what you want, and that your house is fully designed without further construction.

Interior ArchitectureOca 3, 2019

Our passion is to make people live in better places.

Architectural ConsultingOca 15, 2019

We are experienced in architectural and structural design, technical consultancy, and coordinate various strategic projects successfully and offer innovative solutions to our customers.